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Movie Stream Productions announces their global VZX TV network, the Maximum Choice Network, and search for programs.


by Dorian Cole
July 13, 2013

St. Louis, MO - VZX TV will be a distributor of new, unique, high quality programming, available on most viewing devices, in most popular venues. Programs will be Pay Per View (PPV), at very low rates, and available any time on many viewing devices (VOD). This includes Smart devices such as TV, DVD players, tablets, and cell phones. Venues include Internet, cable, satellite, and mobile.

Series program releases will be at least monthly, following the HBO model, and will follow the TV program structural model, except for movies. VZX will offer several important new features to audiences.

VZX will feature programming from Movie Stream Productions, and any other provider who makes new, unique, high quality content.

Movie Stream Productions (MSP) releases will include:

MSP has 5 more programs in various phases of development and audience testing.

MSP is Show Runner of VZX content, and is looking for producers for several of their series. Show Runner means Executive Producer, Developer, Writer, and Distributor. MSP may or may not produce their own series. Their series feature a development group process, with audience testing to determine market success before production.

MSP and VZX are looking for at least 3 more series programs from others, prior to launch. Content they can use includes new comedy, music, drama, dramedy, scifi, action, mystery, horror, reality, adventure, anthology, documentary, science and education, and movies. MSP does accept porn or old content. Programs must meet technical specifications, and they will need a suggested content rating following the MPAA, or country of origin, standards. Audiences will determine ultimate ratings. Contact MSP through the Movie Stream Productions contact form,, or VZX TV on Facebook. Or see www.VZX.tv for more information.

There are no fees for distribution consideration or acceptance. Distribution costs are low, and revenue pays for distribution expenses, with compensation being in the 80% of profit range. Each aspect of MSP follows a profit sharing - reward success, model.

VZX has a "No Cancellation" policy. This means, if the program meets the standards of VZX, as long as the producer feels there is a sufficient audience, they have distribution with VZX, and past programs remain available for viewing indefinitely. Not all VZX distribution venues may continue to offer low viewership programs, but the program will still be available to its audience.

VZX is not investor owned, and does not "buy" or finance content directly. Production is a producer responsibility, and content is licensed to us under global, exclusive (advertised), or semi-exclusive (non-advertised) agreements.

Monetization is through individual program purchase (Pay Per View). Some content may be ad supported or ad subsidized. Maximum Choice subscription bundles may be offered at a later date. Some content will be free (ad supported).

The guiding philosophy of VZX is that it is now very viable for talented people to create high quality programming on weekends for years, at minimal cost, while keeping their day jobs, and make substantial money doing so, similar to the soap opera model. The keys to success are new unique programs, high quality, widespread availability, and program advertising.

VZX TV is expected to launch in early fall, 2013.

VZX is looking for financial backing, at very attractive ROI, with a variety of support options, including our small footprint costs, mostly for legal, advertising, and APP development expenses, and possibly series production.

This announcement contains forward looking statements, and financial commitments should not be made based on this announcement.

Contact Dorian Scott Cole on the Movie Stream Productions contact form, or VZX tv on Facebook.

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