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Our Services

Services include:

  • Streaming of previously undistributed movies for revenue, that have high quality story, production, and resolution, for a home theater quality experience on any streaming capable device. These will typically be low budget productions.
  • Movie marketing and advertising for the movie that is streamed
  • Streaming to test market audiences, and feedback, for any movie, to inform distribution choices
  • Streaming to focus groups, with moderated feedback, for any movie or TV program
  • Custom services (request a quote)
  • Secondary markets (such as music)
  • Security of your movie property from piracy*1
  • Development: Is your screenplay a market winner?
  • Later: Production services, Encoding, Transcoding


Check with us for requirements. We will request a description of your project.

1. Piracy occurs when people use digital cameras to capture movie theater, TV, and computer images, or when theft of film copies, DVD, streams, or downloaded files occur. Movie Stream Productions does not use downloaded files, and the stream is encrypted, preventing the most typical kinds of piracy. Digital camera capture cannot be prevented in any venue, either theater or online, but the picture and sound quality usually isn't high enough to compete with those wanting home theater quality. The actual impact of piracy is debatable. Most US piracy viewing goes to those who weren't going to pay to see the movie anyway, or because it wasn't available. Movie Stream Productions solves the availability problem. But in other countries, such as Spain and China, piracy has had varied but substantial impact. Movie Stream Productions will cooperate fully in any piracy investigation, and will notify authorities if piracy is suspected.