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Terms of Use Agreement Agreement

Terms of Use Agreement, in Plain English, for Movie Stream Productions (MSP)

Member Agreement: Access to and use of the MSP Member pages and forums indicates acceptance of this Terms of Use Agreement.

General Restriction: Use of certain pages is a restricted privilege based on membership. Membership in certain groups may require approval.

Misuse of login credentials: You will not give your login credentials to any other person. You will not use the login credentials of any other person.

Intellectual property: You will not infringe on, misappropriate, or in any way violate the intellectual property rights of others on this site, or of the site.

Access: You are free to read pages on MSP to which you have been given access through the MSP permissions process, and to act on the information if your action is not in a way that competes with MSP.

Advertising and scams: Advertising and solicitation by third parties for business is prohibited. Casual mention of services you offer during conversation are acceptable. Mention of "pyramid schemes" or "chain letters" or "phishing" or any scam or link used to recruit business is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate dismissal from site privileges.

Contact: Groups are primarily provided for discussion and information exchange. Privacy and security of members is paramount. Solicitation of services or representation is not a condoned activity, and won't be tolerated, except where the arrangement is mutual.

Information Confidentiality: Information on these pages is considered confidential. You do not have permission to distribute the information on these pages in any form in any media or venue, including on Web sites or in the press.

Membership Confidentiality: Membership is confidential. You do not have permission to disclose the identity of members to others.

Misrepresentation: You will not misrepresent your identity or the company or products you represent. This is primarily about deceptively masquerading as another person or service/product provider. (You do not have to disclose your actual identity in groups - a user name is all that is required.) In general, you do not have to actually have produced a movie to call yourself a producer and learn about producing, but an investor would actually have assets (not just contacts) and a record of investing. If you want to make an exception about calling yourself an investor, ask. Fraud is punishable under the law.

Posting content: You will not post any content that could be considered under the law to involve liable, pornographic, hate, discrimination, under US law.

Stalking and harrassment: You will not attempt to contact or communicate with a person once that person has made it known that they do not want further contact, or the site administrator makes it known to you that your conduct toward others is not acceptable. Stalking and harrassment are punishable under law.

Email addresses: You will not use this site to collect email addresses.

Personal information and profiles: You will not use this site to collect personal information and profiles. You will not collect, use, or publish in any venue, the personal information or profile of any member.

Spiders and hackers: You will not use this site to locate, access, enter, any file or obtain information from any files in secure areas or which are marked with standard "ROBOTS" CONTENT="INDEX,NOFOLLOW"> metatags, either manually or by any device. (Google, Yahoo!, and other standard search engines generally follow standard rules.)

Non-obligation 1: Membership does not obligate Movie Stream Productions, FlixStreamer, nor TechGenie Media, to receive movies, synopsis, descriptions, trailers, advertising, or queries from you.

Non-obligation 2: Membership does not obligate Movie Stream Productions, FlixStreamer, nor TechGenie Media, to review, screen, distribute, or advertise any movie product from you.

Non-obligation 3: Movie Stream Productions is not obligated to retain your membership, and can remove or terminate your membership at any time at its discretion.

Non-obligation 4: Membership does not obligate you to submit or distribute a movie through Movie Stream Productions or FlixStreamer.

Non-obligation 5: Membership as a movie reviewer or movie test audience does not obligate us to provide free movie viewing of any movie to you through Movie Stream Productions or FlixStreamer.

Non-obligation 6: The process of movie review, acceptance, market testing, and distribution, can be interrupted by Movie Stream Productions at any time, without further obligation.

Non-obligation 7: Discussion groups are not moderated. Movie Stream Productions is not obligated to moderate or censure discussions. Movie Stream Productions may remove discussion material at its discretion.

Legal: Pending. When this Terms of Use Agreement is updated, you will be required to acknowlege the updated agreement and be bound by it.