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High quality, undistributed movies

MSP specializes in the development and distribution of high quality VOD TV episodic series, as showrunner. We have several series in development. Our method includes ensuring profitability through market analysis and test audiences. We provide these to other experienced production companies to produce. Click the Productions tab for more information. To learn more about VOD TV distribution, see the MSP Insider below.

Press Release announcing VZX TV, a global TV distribution network.

MSP Insider

Movie Stream Productions follows developments, trends, and challenges in New Media production and distribution. Trends and opinions are reported in the MSP Insider. These articles are intended to help Independent New Media producers and companies understand the rapidly changing online marketplace, and equip them to produce for online distribution. Movie Stream Productions strongly supports theatrical distribution as first release for many movies, especially for Blockbusters costing $20 million or more. See The New Movie Distribution Paradigm.

We support: 23 Directors, Producers Speak Out Against Premium VOD as well as the theater chains that oppose early release of theatrical to video. None of these venues can do what the other does, and the sequential distribution window for theatrical makes sense. Theater, TV, and Premium Streaming Video are separate distinct markets.

We support producers Truth in Credits, and equitable return on investment for producers.

We support Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, and the quest for global justice. Campaign for Social Justice.

Support 100,000 Jobs Mission for veterans.

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